No. 528 CUTTER INSPECTION -Spiral and Straight Coniflex- Revecycle   Our stock number: 13576

No. 528 CUTTER INSPECTION -Spiral and Straight Coniflex- Revecycle

The No. 528 Cutter Inspection Machine provides a means whereby a complete

inspection of blade angle and radial truth of Gleason spiral cutters may be

easily accomplished. With optional adapters, the machine can also be used to

check blade angle and radial truth on No. 114 CONIFLEX cutters as well as the

positive seating of segments on REVACYCLE cutters.

With the proximity-type gage, cutter blades can be checked for radial position

to within +.000010" (.2 microns) from the master blade. The cutter blade angle

can be checked to within a +.000020" (.4 microns) tolerance.

In the proximity gaging system, the electronic measuring unit measures the air

gap between the probe and the blade edge without contact taking place. More

accurate readings are not affected by the minute surface variations which

affect readings of a contact type probe.

This machine can handle 3 1/2" to 21" spiral cutters, 15" CONIFLEX cutters and

16" - 25" REVACYCLE cutters.

The measuring unit on the machine is a multi-channel, non-contact, capacitive

gaging system. Two (2) channels are dedicated to cutter blade measurements

while a third (axial) analog input helps to automate the checking runout of

the proof spot on the cutter body.

The convenience of a digital display provides a maximum resolution of 1
micro-inch (10 mil probe configuration) over a span of 10 mils. The meter

indicates probe gap digitally while a bar graph type of display provides an

1nalog indication proportional to the gap displacement.

Pushbuttons allow simple selections between the various operating modes.

A RS-232 output port provides interfaces to industry standard printers

providing hard copy print-outs of both axial peak to peak displacement and

cutter peak measurements all in engineering units.

This new 2-probe approach to measuring deviations in blade angle provides a

much faster, more reliable, pure electronic system than ever before.


Keltron Mini Printer
Electronic Read Out
Digi Tec Printer
2 Probes
Operator's Manual


Work Spindle Top: .00001
Side Ring Nearest Spindle Center: .00001
Conventional Spiral Cutters (Standard): 3.5" - 19.7"
Coniflex Cutters: 15" (Inserted Blade)
Revacycle Cutters: 16" - 25"
Floor Space: 31" x 38"
Height: 59"
Net Weight: 1,900 lbs
Shipping Weight (Boxed for Export): 2,500 lbs
Size of Case: 48" x 43" x 69"

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