MODEL MHGG - 36 X 24 MICHIGAN HELICAL GEAR GRINDER   Our stock number: 13658


Automatic Indexing Headstock
41" T-Slotted Face Plate
10" x 42" Table
2 Pt. Hogland Dresser
Crowning (Moog)
Spark Out
Automatic Rough, Semi, Finish Cycle
Automatic Downfeed
Internal Grinding Attachment
Hydraulic System
Automatic Lead Attachment
Coolant Tank and Pump
Barnes Filtration System
Automatic Lube
Louis Allis Generator Set
Automatic Dresser Cycles
Hydraulic Clamping (Tailstock)
480 Volt, 3 Phase, 60 Cycle
Electrical Panel
20" Index Plate W/73 Teeth
9.5" x 4" Compound Sub-Table
Manuals & Schematics


Capacity of Machine:

Max. Outside Diameter: 36"
Min. Root Diameter: 6"

Length Between Centers: 8-24"
Maximum Helix Angle: 35 Degree
Maximum Swing Diameter: 40"
Number of Teeth: 7 - 220
Diameter of Index Plate: 20"
Minimum Lead: 50"
Approximate Dimensions:
Height Overall: 123"
Length Overall: 202"
Width Overall: 94"
Floor to Work: 62.8
Approximate Weight: 27,700 lbs
Hydraulic System - Main:
Tank Capacity: 80 Gallons
Pump Output: 25 G.P.M.
Pump Drive Motor: 7-1/2 HP / 1800 RPM
Coolant System:
Tank Capacity: 80 Gallons
Pump Output: 44 G.P.M.
Pump Drive Motor: 1/3 HP / 1800 RPM

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